Introduction and Brief History of the organization:

To overcome the emerging issues like poverty, drought and chronic hunger of the district some youths and victimize group came to the front and formed an organization i.e., Janamukti Anusthan. It has been started its work with the deprived communities from some villages of Muribahal block area since 1996-1997. Became it has been working in different blocks area of the district for the upliftment of the women, schedule tribes, schedule caste, landless, small and marginal farmers, old and physically challenged groups. It’s a membership based organization. More than 7000 members directly associated with the organization. Most of them belong to the marginal sections and they work for their village as well as the area.

Mission and Vision

Integrated development of the poor and marginalized section of the society.


  • To assist the people of this area particularly to the weaker section for their socio, political and economic upliftment.
  • To enable the people to be aware of the various Govt. schemes meant for them and assist the people and government for their effective implementation.
  • To organize the people for the development of this area through meetings, conference and cultural activities.
  • To build awareness among the people about the exploitation and operation prevailing in the society and take necessary action for its eradication.
  • To build awareness among the people reforms the social evils.
  • To build awareness among the peoples for protection and growth of the forest and to assist the govt for this and to take necessary steps for harvesting water for irrigation by arranging small steams and other water resources in the area.

Adopted strategies

  • Employment Generation for reducing distress migration.
  • Intervening on check food crisis hunger and related problems.
  • Checking distress selling of agriculture productions and to develop proper marketing system.
  • Protection, collection, processing and marketing of the forest products.
  • Organizing the unorganized laborers through the labor society and to ensure employment for them.
  •  Developing agricultural land for better production of crops.
  • Creating irrigation tanks and renovating the traditional water bodies for agriculture purpose.   
  •  Eradicating poverty and enhancing sustainable livelihoods of the marginalized sections.
  • Facilitating at grassroots level to create Climate Resilient Infrastructures and livelihoods practices in climatic vulnerable blocks through the different government schemes and programmes.

Target groups

Small and marginal farmers, landless, Homeless, widow headed disabled, agriculture labor and unorganized labor, Migrant, bonded and child labor.

Major activities undertaken

  • Natural Resource Management (NRM)
  • Migrant  Labor’s Right                                                
  • Forest Right and forest protection                
  • Women Empowerment                                 
  • Education For Migrant and Bonded Labor Children                
  • Organic farming                                             
  • Rescue and rehabilitation of  migrant  Labors                      
  • Facilitating for better implementation of MGNREGA-NRLM convergence strategies through Cluster Facilitation Team(CFT)
  • Convergence initiatives towards enhancement of livelihood of most marginalized sections under the People Action in Development (PAID) programme.
  • “Quick –Win” intervention/Climate change
  • Sustainable Livelihoods and MGNREGA
  • Infrastructure for Climate Resilient Growth(ICRG)